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Tech companies work with me to scale content marketing through deep writing

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"Kevin has been amazing at writing insightful blogs while strictly adhering to timelines. He's very professional, great at topic research, and write meaningful and relevant pieces according to the target audience."
Client Testimonial
Piyush Suri
CEO, 5By7

BREAKING NEWS: A B2B Writer Who Won’t Mix The Top 5 Search Results and Sell it as “SEO Content”

Instead, he only cares about writing original content (mind-blowing, right?)

He's a rare B2B writer who:

  • Backs-up content with legitimate research (not stat round-ups) and subject-matter expert interviews.
  • Makes topics such as “RFID tech” easier to understand.
  • Has a structured writing process with tools, guidelines, and systems. No improvisations.
  • Knows thought leadership, product marketing, and SEO.
  • Makes use of copywriting techniques to create blogs that incentivize conversions (even if they’re meant for brand awareness.)
  • Follows SEO best practices to give your brand the best chances to rank for valuable keywords (when applicable).

*Out of sarcasm* Yes, this is how I work

If you’re just starting to scale your content operations, this is the most profitable time to invest on a B2B writer

Wondering Who I Am?

Kevin Daniel Freelance SaaS copywriter

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How to Work with Me

  1. Schedule an intro call with me below.
  2. Provide a thorough brief of your business so we can tell if there’s a fit and what actions we can take
  3. Read and accept my proposal.
  4. Take our conversation out of email to a proper workplace
  5. Revisions: 2 rounds max per piece (bring an awesome editor!)
  6. Payment: Pay each invoice after approving each outline
  7. Collaboration: I need to interview your team to do my best work
  8. Communication: Monthly catch-up call to provide feedback

Client's Words About My Work

saas testimonial
"Kevin has been so great to work with! He always go above and beyond with deadlines and never delivered an article even a day late. His easy readability and conversational tone adds flair his articles. And his stats are all well-sourced and I have rarely any reworks to do with regard to his content quality—he's been a great performer on our team!"
beatrice saas client
Beatrice Manuel
Head of Content,
"I've been working with Kevin for a number of months on a writing project. Kevin is great at suggesting ideas and topics for content. his content is well structured and always performs great within the search results. Very professional and communication always prompt."
b2b writing client
Carl Hendy
Owner of and Reddico

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