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SaaS Copywriter Kevin Daniel
Client Testimonial

“Kevin is very professional, great at topic research, and write meaningful and relevant pieces according to the target audience.”

Piyush Suri, CEO, 5By7

What Great Copywriting Can Do For Your Business

  • Increase SaaS conversion rate and customer retention.
  • Onboard high LTV customers by targeting the right audience.
  • Boost your brand awareness with SEO-optimized content marketing.
  • Convert visitors into leads with action-driving copy.
  • Write success stories and turn free-trial long users into loyal customers.
  • Transform poor-performing blog posts into fresh, shareable content.
  • Improve your business growth with copywriting projects.

Lame copy sells features. Good copy sells benefits. But great, high-performing copy sells the right features, and the right benefits, to give your customers a reason to stay with you.


Wondering The Way to Do this? I Got Your Back.

The Lesson We All Eventually Learn

Customers Are Not Created Equal

See, we all guessed our customer’s problems and desires at some point of our careers (I’m included.)

Leaving the past behind. Now we know that writing effective copy requires deep, intensive research for what your audience thinks, feels, and does about your offer (with no exception.)

And when it comes to business, addressing customer’s beliefs, feelings, and desires in your copy (landing pages, pricing pages, emails, posts…) can make the difference between dying from low revenue and boosting your growth to top levels.

I learned this from past client’s projects, and my own freelance business.

And now it’s time to apply it on your business!

Your Solutions

Website Copywriting Project

Get all your homepages, landing pages, or product pages written (or re-written) by someone who knows. Shrug-off the task of writing these pages, while obtaining a website that speaks to your audience.

Strategic Content Creation

Random content won't get you the awareness you want. Serious content marketing involves strategy, planning, and writing. I'll take care of it, while targeting the right audience.

Hot-Fix Copy

Need to edit your landing page? Update that old blog post? E-mail your subscribers? A headline?! I've got you covered. Any piece that takes 7 days or less fits this category.

Copy Campaign

Are you launching a product campaign or a new funnel? Then you need copy for your email sequences, landing pages, lead gen pages, etc... I'll help you put this together.

Clients Words About Me

"Kevin has been amazing at writing insightful blogs while strictly adhering to timelines. He's very professional, great at topic research, and write meaningful and relevant pieces according to the target audience."
Client Testimonial
Piyush Suri
CEO, 5By7

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