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Kevin Daniel Freelance SaaS Copywriter
Client Testimonial

“Kevin is very professional, great at topic research, and write meaningful and relevant pieces according to the target audience.”

Piyush Suri, CEO, 5By7

What a SaaS Copywriter Can Do For Your Business

  • Increase your SaaS conversion rate and customer retention
  • Onboard high LTV customers by targeting the right audience
  • Make your amazing SaaS product rank on Google
  • Position your brand as an authority in your industry
  • Write your SaaS success stories and turn free-trial long users into loyal customers
  • Transform poor-performing blog posts into fresh, valuable content assets
  • Increase your revenue organically and improve your growth

In today’s market, writing great content will make you sound like the rest. You need to go beyond great to stand out in your industry


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Kevin Daniel Freelance SaaS copywriter

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There’s the typical SEO copywriter that writes for the Google algorithm… 

The long-form content writer that creates research-backed articles…

And the direct-response copywriter that’s all about selling…

But your customers don’t care about who writes your content.

In the end, the only goal that matters is to create content that ranks, engages, and converts.

Because there’s nothing more frustrating than getting the traffic you want, but getting only two clicks…

Or spending your heart and soul on content that no one reads…

Hence why you need a full-stack writer.

A writer that’s SEO mindful, distinctive, engaging, and conversion focused.

Here’s what you get from full-stack writing:

  • More organic traffic from Google-friendly content.
  • A bigger, engaged audience that’s in love with your amazing content.
  • A brand that stands out with its unique voice.
  • More leads and sales coming from conversion-optimized copy.
  • Higher customer’s LTV from educated users that knows how to succeed with your product.

Just as working with a full-stack developer, a full-stack writer considers the whole purpose of your content to maximize its value.

No need to choose between SEO and brand consistency…

No need to look for the “right” writer for the job…

Because the right writer is the one who makes your content rank, your audience grow, and your brand sell.

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"Kevin has been amazing at writing insightful blogs while strictly adhering to timelines. He's very professional, great at topic research, and write meaningful and relevant pieces according to the target audience."
Client Testimonial
Piyush Suri
CEO, 5By7

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