Hey! I'm Kevin Daniel

Quick info about me:

  • I’m a long-haired boy that asks way to many questions
  • Made a living out of freelancing despite living in a third-world country in the mid of an extreme economic crisis
  • Failed as a musician (and still want to achieve my music goals)
  • Studied industrial engineering, even though it doesn’t have much to do with marketing

But most importantly: I learned marketing and copywriting, failed many times, and now I succeed writing valuable marketing assets for SaaS companies.

Brands I've Worked with:

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Now, The Important Stuff...

What I Do in a Nutshell: Copy That's NOT Guessed

And that’s it. If you’ve been writing copy from your gut, you’re doing it wrong (I know, because I’ve been there too.)

Copy is all about context.

Context from your customers, context from your market, context from your product.

And when you put all the context together, there’s no need to guess — you’ve got all the pieces already!

That’s why I follow a research-based method to write copy. My process is inspired from what both classic and modern copywriting authorities like Bob Bly, Gary Halbert, Copyhackers, Copyblogger — among many others — has been teaching over decades.

This approach has given me the ability to:

  • Get the right product features to attract high-LTV customers.
  • Write copy that’s clear. Converting the high-quality buyers who get excited when reading your brand’s name in their inbox (and not the low quality, free-trial long prospects who are not a good fit.)
  • Create content that helps your customers to succeed while using your product.
  • Engage your audience with top-of-the-funnel content that’s thought and designed to solve their needs — turning visitors into warm leads.
  • Come up with what David Ogilvy called “The Big Idea” of your offer (it doesn’t has to be as hard as it seems.)
  • And more.

Which is what I call Full-Stack Writing.

Why I Do What I Do

Take a Role in The Software Industry

Software came to stay. The possibilities are almost infinite, and the industry is always fresh with new ideas and changes.

My role is to support software companies/startups with the most vital resource they need to keep alive: revenue.

That's where copywriting comes into play.

Mutual Development

The meaning of life? To grow.

You grow when helping others to grow. And vice versa, right?

I could concentrate all my skills on my own business if I wanted, but what's the point?

I rather use it to help you out, and become better! 


The other meaning of life? To create.

We're creative by nature, and creation has been our main tool for progress as human beings.

That's why I practice what I preach in a regular basis -- to create. 

And creating copy and content, however, can make an impact in your business as a whole. Making my creativity more important than ever.

You're Few Hours Away from Chatting with Me

Need a SaaS copywriter? Leave a message in the form right next to this text, and we’ll be chatting in few hours.

You’ll lose nothing, I give ideas for free ;)