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Great writing is only easy when you outsource it. Get content that ranks, engages, and converts in less than a week. 

Oil Your Sales Machine

Great writing — just as oil — is necessary to make your sales funnel run smoothly.

Or else, it will break and get severely damaged.

This is true for every step in your customer’s journey, and for every market.

Simply because if your marketing message is not properly communicated…

Your traffic won’t convert into leads, and leads won’t convert into customers.

Even if you’ve built a great product…

And despite having product-market fit.

Your business would eventually collapse if your marketing material fails to do its job.

And there’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching a great product getting shutdown…

However, it doesn’t has to be this way…


You Need a Full-Stack Writer

There are many types of writers.

You’ve got the SEO writers that only think about including keywords in their blog posts…

Those writers who have interesting ideas but pay no attention to the marketing purpose of a piece…

And the direct-response writers whose whole life meaning is to get more clicks.

They’re all good in some fashions, but not so much in others…

The fact is: great writing has to meet all three objectives…

1) Getting optimized for SEO so it gets traffic it needs in order to get read.

2) Being valuable and interesting for your target audience in order to engage.

3) Being persuasive and conversion-optimized in order to sell.

Because there’s nothing more frustrating than getting tons of traffic, but getting only two clicks per month…

Or spending your heart and soul (and budget) on content that no one reads…

That’s why you need a writer who checks all those boxes.

A writer that’s capable of creating content that makes your business grow. A writer that knows marketing, and all that’s needed to create content that meets goals.

Hence the (borrowed) term “full-stack” writer.

I Can Help You


I’m Kevin Daniel, a marketing writer. I create all-purpose content for SaaS businesses.

I care about traffic, about relevance, and I do my best to make content achieve results.

You don’t have to write content yourself. 

Or find writers on pesky sites like Upwork or Fiverr (I’ve been there). 

Or think if you know “someone” who knows a decent writer who can do the job. Because…


Kevin Daniel Freelance SaaS Copywriter
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While everyone is writing great blog posts. I create content that goes beyond the “great” threshold

Greater writing, however, is only easy when you outsource it to the right person.

Here’s some real feedback about my writing:

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Content For Every Stage of Your Sales Funnel

Pro Content Creation

Random content won't grow your brand awareness. Serious content marketing requires structured content for the top, the middle, and the bottom of the funnel. Driving visitors through all the stages of awareness.

Content Upgrading

Give your old content a refresh and make it more attractive for sir Google. We can add content upgrades to your content mix and repurpose them for maximum reach.

Website Copywriting

Get website content that speaks to your audience's objections at the bottom of your funnel. This involves use cases, product pages, alternative pages, and any kind of content that your sales team can use.

Lead Generation

Don't underestimate the power of lead magnets and landing pages. Something as simple as a 50-pages long eBook can serve as an evergreen marketing asset.

SaaS Writer Feedback

The Marketing Writing Process

1. Business Audit

We'll chat about your business, and ask you for information about your branding, your products, and your target customers. This also involves finding your unique value proposition, and proof that product-market fit exists.

SaaS Copy Testing

2. Content Audit

Here's when we analyze your blog performance to determine what's working for you right now, and what doesn't. We'll spot content opportunities, required upgrades, and illustrate how your content marketing funnel looks like.

3. Content Ideation

Now I can help you fill your content calendar with the content mix. A content mix that's built with the purpose of getting you more leads, sign-ups, or straight sales. The goal is to engage ideal prospects so hard that they will eventually become customers.

SaaS copywriting
SaaS Writing

4. Content Creation

The focus is to create content that goes beyond great. Content with the purpose of providing so much value to the audience, that they can't help but keep engaging with other posts until they eventually convert.

"Kevin has been amazing at writing insightful blogs while strictly adhering to timelines. He's very professional, great at topic research, and write meaningful and relevant pieces according to the target audience."
Client Testimonial
Piyush Suri
CEO, 5By7

Oil your marketing with a SaaS writer that checks all the boxes

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