Copywriting Services

Don’t know if you need copy? That’s OK, check below and see: 

Website Copywriting Project

If your website is under development or in need of an upgrade, I'll take care of it. I'll write copy that speaks to your audience. Considering the purpose of each page and their role in the sales funnel.

Strategic Content Creation

Random content won't grow your brand awareness. If you want to take content marketing seriously, we ought to plan, set a strategy, and write the content. I'll build a content strategy, plan the content for the quarter, and create the content for you.

Hot-Fix Copy

Need to edit your landing page? Update that old blog post? E-mail your subscribers? A headline?! I've got you covered. We just need to chat about it and get started.

Copy Campaign

We can work per campaign too! Whether you're launching a marketing campaign or creating a new sales funnel. You'll need copy for your email sequences, landing pages, lead gen pages, etc... I'll help you put all of this together and make it work.

The Copywriting Process

1. The Brief Phase

First we need to chat about your business and get to know what your needs are. We set a scope of work and then I'll send you a contract to sign and pay in the instant. I'll instantly start working on the project after that (or put it in queue if I'm booked).

SaaS copywriting

2. Research

Before writing any piece of copy, research needs to be done. This involves asking you a bunch of questions, request important documents, and even some interviews if necessary. This way, I can know everything about your brand, your product, and your customers and write copy that works.

3. The Writing

This is where I lock myself in my office and start writing copy based on the resources I got from research (don't worry, I'll keep you on track 😉 ). I'll provide you with multiple options for headlines, leads, subject lines, etc. And give you some guidelines on how to implement the copy (if relevant).

SaaS Writing
SaaS Copy Testing

4. Test and Optimize

An optional step if you want to get the most out of the copy. I'll help you with the A/B testing, tweaking the headlines, and get more insights on what resonates with your target audience and what doesn't.

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