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Learn about my content marketing approach below!

Website Copywriting Project

Get website content that speaks to your audience's objections at the bottom of your funnel. This involves use cases, product pages, alternative pages, and any kind of content that your sales team can use.

Strategic Content Creation

Random content won't grow your brand awareness. If you want to take content marketing seriously, you need to plan, set a strategy, and write the content. I'll build a content strategy, plan the content for the quarter, and create the content for you.

Content Upgrading

Give your old content a refresh and make it more attractive for sir Google. We can add content upgrades to your content mix and repurpose them for maximum reach.

Copy Campaign

We can work per campaign too! Whether you're launching a marketing campaign or creating a new sales funnel. You'll need copy for your email sequences, landing pages, lead gen pages, etc... I'll help you put all of this together and make it work.

The Content Marketing Process

1. Business Audit

We'll chat about your business, and ask you for information about your branding, your products, and your target customers. This also involves finding your unique value proposition, and proof that product-market fit exists.

SaaS Copy Testing

2. Content Audit

Here's when we analyze your blog performance to determine what's working for you right now, and what doesn't. We'll spot content opportunities, required upgrades, and illustrate how your content marketing funnel looks like.

3. Content Ideation

Now I can help you fill your content calendar with the content mix. A content mix that's built with the purpose of getting you more leads, sign-ups, or straight sales (depending on the business audit). The goal is to engage ideal prospects so hard that they will eventually become customers.

SaaS copywriting
SaaS Writing

4. Content Creation

The focus is to create content that goes beyond great. Content with the purpose of providing so much value to the audience, that they can't help but keep engaging with other posts until they eventually convert.

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